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The R-Box is a pair of devices for high-density applications where you want full use of keyboards, mouse, and monitor, but there is no room for a server nearby. Or for applications where you want to put all PC’s in a safe place, all the users only have keyboard / mouse and monitor on their desk. The R-Box is a dual functions device that uses Cat5 cable to extend your keyboard, mouse and monitor 1000 feet (300 m) from a computer or KVM switch, it also has built-in 2-to-1 OSD KVM switch used the same peripheral for your local PC.

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• Compact box design
• Locate CAT5 console up to 500 feet (150 meters) away from the KVM switch with superior auto-adjust RGB signals capability
• Collocate computers and servers on one location, ideal for hazardous or unsecured environments
• Switch computers by push button or hotkey commands
• Audible feedback when switching
• LED indicators for computer status or data transmission
• Work with PS/2 or USB computer
• Easy to install and use with plug-and-play functionality
  USB connector
  2 USB connectors for keyboard and mouse
  Note: PS2 keyboard and mouse user needs a PS2 to USB adapter.
  VGA connector   2 HDDB15 connectors
(one for VGA monitor port, one for connecting 2- in-1 VGA cables to local computer)
  RJ-45 Port( CAT5)
  1RJ-45 port for connecting to Transmitter
  LED’s   2 (Local and Remote)
  Port selection   Hot Key, Push Button
  Keyboard Emulation    USB
  Mouse Emulation    USB

  VGA Resolution (Local Host)

  1920 x 1440
  VGA Resolution (Remote Host)   1280 x 1024 (150 meters)
  Housing   Plastic
  Power Adapter   DC 12V, 1A
  Operation Temperature   0° ~ 50°C
  Storage Temperature   20° ~ 60°C
  Humidity   0~80 %, Non-Condensing
  T-Dongle (KVM signal transmitter)
  USB adapter (PS/2 to USB adapter)

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