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Venus 8 / 16

♦ IP & CAT5 remote console available


The Venus dual console combo-free 8 / 16 ports KVM switch allows up to two users to control multiple computers , one user from local console and the second user from either CAT5 remote console or IP console through internet. With the combo-free KVM switch we can use PS/2 or USB type cables to control multiple PCs or servers.

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These KVM switches are loaded with rich features, such as one local console port, Daisy chain capability, On Screen Display (OSD) menu, Password security, Searching PC server name, Hot key control, Push button and Auto-Scan control, complete keyboard and mouse emulation for simultaneously PC boot-up processes.
• Up to two users 8 / 16 ports combo-free KVM switch
• Optional CAT5 module
• Optional IP module
• Support both PS/2 and USB interface for connecting to PC ports conveniently
• Support Windows, DOS, Netware, Unix, Linux
• No Software Required - easy PC selection via On Screen Display (OSD) Menu, Push Buttons, HotKeys
• Provide various Hotkey (Scroll-Lock / Cap-Lock / Num-Lock / Alt / Ctrl / Win) for switching PC port and other control functions,
  so Hotkey function can be used in various types of keyboards, and to avoid Hotkey duplicate problem
• Provide ACL (Access Control List) security function, store up to 8 independent ACLs for controllable PC list
• Hot Plug - add or remove connected PCs without powering off the KVM switch or PCs
• Support two layers password security protection and search PC server name
• Very High Video Quality
• Keyboard status restored when switching PCs
• Support Daisy Chain function with 8-layer Bus topologies
• Optional CAT5 remote module for second console
• Optional IP module for second console
• The module can be installed by our side, your side or even later on customers' side when they need it

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