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Industrial Power Supply

Broadrack Inc. has extensive experience of designing, manufacturing, and selling in industrial computing application. In 2013, we bring more types, reliability, and high-efficiency industrial power supply. With Industrial grade single power supply, it provides 150 ~ 1000 watts output in FlexATX/1U/PS/2 forms to meet different system requirement. Some of series also support configurable output of high 12V/+5V/+3.3V for Intel/VME/VMX/CPCI platform, and -12V/5A, +24V/5A output for industrial application.

With N+1 redundancy design, it offer flexible combination of up to 3 power supply modules, hot swappable with active current sharing and OR-ing MOSFETs for stable output. It also built in I2C/PSMI function to easily manage. The redundant power supply output range is from 360 to 1400 watts in 1U/2U/PS/2 forms.

In DC-DC power supply, we also have single power supply (1U) and redundant power supply (1U/2U) for options. All of power supply efficiency is 80% minimum, 3 years manufacturer warranty, complies with FCC, CE, NEBS, RoHS requirements and *UL/*cUL/*cTUVus/TUV /CCC/CB EN 60950-1 certified.

*UL/*cUL: FSAK J/H/P/B/C series, FSDK B/C series, FRAK MV series, FRDK S series
*cTUVus: RRAB GH series, FRAK S series, RRDB GH series


AC Input

2U 1+1 Redundant PS/2 1+1 Redundant
FRAK S Series FRAK MV Series

AC PFC I/P, 480W ~ 750W O/P

AC PFC I/P, 360W ~ 750W O/P

1U 2+1 Redundant 1U 1+1 Redundant
RRAB GH Series RRAB GH Series

AC PFC I/P, 1200W ~ 1400W O/P

AC PFC I/P, 450W ~ 750W O/P

PS/2 Single 1U Single
FSAK P Series FSAK 1U C Series

AC PFC I/P, 360W ~ 1000W O/P

AC PFC I/P, 360W ~ 540W O/P

1U Single FlexATX Single
FSAK 1U B Series FSAK H Series

AC PFC I/P, 150W ~ 300W O/P

AC PFC I/P, 150W ~ 300W O/P

FlexATX Single  
FSAK J Series  

AC PFC I/P, 150W ~ 270W O/P



DC Input

RRDB 1U Redundant GH Series RRDB 1U Redundant GH Series

DC -48V I/P, 1200W ~ 1400W O/P

DC -48V I/P, 480W ~ 750W O/P

FRDK 2U Redundant SV Series  

DC- 48V I/P, 480W ~ 750W O/P

FSDK 1U C Series FSDK 1U B Series

DC -48V I/P, 360W ~540W O/P

DC -48V I/P, 150W ~ 300W O/P


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